If you are here, then you are probably on the hunt for a fun photographer who can bring out your genuine smile.

I'm Kellianne Jordan, a photographer, art lover, photographer, wife and mom. I've been photographing people for over 15 years and I love being able to make people laugh so you can let your hair down and have fun so you get photos that truly represent you!

I also love Friends (both the show and my own), Disney & coffee!
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Ventura based, available worldwide

Ventura baseD

Available worldwide

“God bless you!! "


"You did an amazing job and we are so so happy with our pictures!”

Chelsea & Brandon

Love from our clients

Turn potential clients into

fans and buyers


Personal Brand Photography

“God bless you!! "


"You did an amazing job and we are so so happy with our pictures!”

Chelsea & Brandon

Love from our clients

If you have been struggling with finding loyal clients or getting followers then let me just say, personal brand photography might just change everything for you! 

Today, everyone wants to connect with a brand on a personal level. Especially women. If you are trying to reach women buyers, then creating a connection with them is a must! 

Women want to trust the person behind the product/service. They want to know why you are doing what you do and what the benefit is for them. They want to know                                                                                   

People need to know who you are to
like you, trust you and follow you, to buy from you.

Going beyond a headshot.

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This is exactly what personal brand photography does. The sessions are designed to not just show your face, but actually show you at work and in your off time so that you can have a clear message about what you do, who you are and why they should love your business.

My goal with Personal Brand Photography is to create a visual connection with your potential clients to draw them into your business, allow them to get to know you so they buy from you.

Guess what! All of our session also include a brand consultation to make sure we are getting the very best images to represent you and your brand. 

Did you know that when a woman buyer connects with a brand, they become loyal lifetime buyers? Seriously. So why not put yourself out there and show who the face behind the brand is?

 why they should buy from you and not your competitor. 

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