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I grew up with one goal in life: to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in a feature film. Okay, I know it’s a little strange to not just go for Best Actress, but not everyone can be a leading lady. I have believed in this goal since I was 3 years when I stated it out loud to my parents while I was watching the Oscars. I truly believe that if I wanted to live in LA that I could win my Oscar. Acting is my passion. I love to sing and dance. I love to tell stories. I love to be a little different. Growing up was all about me in the spotlight. No joke, any time I saw a camera I would run to the costume box and start to perform. I have great photos of myself growing up doing random performances at home and of course performing in many, many musicals in high school (thanks mom!). I think every kids should awesome photos of their childhood too. This is why I love to photograph kids and teach their moms how to photograph them when I'm not around.

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So why am I photographer and not an actress? Because I love science and art too. I was lucky to grow up with the best grandparents a kid could have. Seriously, mine were the best. I had three sets of grandparents instead of two and they were all awesome for totally different reasons. One of my grandmothers made the best oatmeal ever, one of them taught me that frogs should be the main thing you decorate your house with (we don’t have any frogs in our house) and one of them taught me that women are just as influential as men and can change the world.

But it was my grandfathers who really made me who I am...

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One of my grandfathers was an amazing watercolorist. I love his paintings so much. I really wish I inherited the art gene like my sister, but I did not. I can sketch a little and paint a little, but not like my grandpa, dad and sister. I did however grow up with a passion for art because of him. I love art museums and I love that I grew up so close to Laguna Beach, CA, which is an incredible artist town. It’s actually really similar to Bend, Oregon where each month you can go to Artwalk, only Bend is better because you are guaranteed to see new artists every month. Awesome!

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Anyway, I love science too. I grew up with Mr. Wizard as a grandfather. He hosted a kids science show on NBC back in the day and Nickelodeon in the 80’s. Growing up with him meant that me and my cousins did a lot of really entertaining science experiments. It also meant that we would go out and catch bees to feed to the tarantula he had as a pet or watch as the Venus fly trap would catch and devour its own flies (or try to eat our fingers). We would work on puzzles all the time and untie crazy knots. I sound a little nerdy, but it was super fun! Point being, I grew up with a passion for art and science. If art and science got married and had a baby it would be an awesome black and white photo printed from a film negative.

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Photography is technical, not just pretty and it’s fun because of the science.

I chose to go to film school so I could combine my passions for acting, photography and science. I studied filmmaking at Brooks Institute of Photography with an emphasis on cinematography. I love making films and telling stories, but I found a new passion while I was there. I fell in love with telling REAL stories. I love documentary filmmaking because it gives me a chance to learn about what drives people. It’s a chance to not just tell stories that someone wrote with characters they made up, but to learn about real people, what they love and why they do what they do. This is where my passion for storytelling took off.

I've been photographing real people ever since and I love it!

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