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Modern websites for
                      women entrepreneurs. 

Modern websites for
       women entrepreneurs. 

Web design - Logos - USP & story identity - SEO

Turn potential clients into

fans and buyers


a cohesive brand.

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Your website should invite people into your world while helping them understand the benefits of working with you.

It also needs to help them understand who is behind the brand, why the company was started and should educate/help them.

The goal of the website is to take them on a journey and help them know, like and trust you in seconds. With the right photography, branding and website design, you can turn your website into a conversion machine.

* You do not need to book photos or branding with me for me to design your website.

my website design process starts with Your story call, where I interview you to find your story & the reason why people will book with you over someone else.

Finding your USP is my superpower!

All packages include:
- Full Website Design,
- Story Call,
and can include:
- Logo Design (Brand Identity Package), and
- Brand Photography of you, your products and/or your team. 

my work

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Any woman entrepreneur trying to connect their business with other women through story and a personal touch.

Who is this for?

If you have wondered why people aren’t connecting with your brand, following you or booking your services/buying your products, it could be because your messaging isn’t as clear as you thought. 

If you are a woman entrepreneur trying to connect with other women, but you are not getting as many clients as you'd like, then clarifying your message is a must. With a background in marketing and documentary filmmaking, my story telling skills come alive during the Story Call where together we identify your unique selling proposition and shape it into a story that emotionally connects clients to your brand. 

During the Story Call, I will also do a review of your brand identity. I will evaluate your overall brand presence to see how your business is being represented.

If you are just starting out, then we discuss in detail who you are, what you want to say and what your goals are. I will help you figure out who you are talking to and what they need to hear from you in order to be confident in working with you.

My goal is to make sure your brand is represented the best it can be so you not only reach new ideal clients, but get them to be excited to buy from you! 

your Storey Call

It all starts with

I have a unique superpower of being able to identify which part of your story needs to be told to help women connect to your brand.


Why choose me to design your website?

I've been coaching other entrepreneurs for the last 5 years on marketing, starting with the website. I even have a full course on website conversion & SEO. I know that there are a few pieces to the puzzle that must be in place to make sure your website is working for you and bringing in new leads and I will put these into place for you.

If your website isn’t converting,
that’s a problem.

If you brand is confusing,
that’s a problem.

If you don’t have a consistent look and feel to your business, that’s a problem.

Don’t worry, I will give you guidance on how to approach your business through the eyes of your buyers so you don’t miss out on sales ever again. 

If you don’t know what key pieces you are missing, how can you change them? How can you push your business to the next level of success? How can you find loyal, ideal clients who will buy from you?

Let’s make sure you are doing everything you can to capture your ideal clients.

Why is this important? 

I've been coaching entrepreneurs on how to create a cohesive brand for the last 5 years. Now, I'm offering my brand identity and logo creation services to you!

Why do you need a logo and branding elements that completely capture who you are and your message? 
The answer is easy: a clear brand and message will resonate with potential clients and help them to understand who you are and why they should use your products or services.

This is one of the most important pieces because it sets the tone for your brand.

"Logo design is my me time. It's when i sit with a cup of coffee and I just create art filled with meaning with the hope that it changes the life of my client."

Logo + Brand Identity 


"You are amazing. I am sitting here crying looking at these. They are beautiful!

I'm sooo glad you understood what I was trying to say."
- Valerie

Here's what valerie said when she received her logo sketches:

see the concepts for valerie:

- Logo
- Logo Variations
- Vectored Logo Artwork
- branded graphic elements
- brand colors
- email signature
- Social icons
- fonts
- favicon


See more concepts...

Lunu Photography

Kristen Mcneely

Jesi Wilcox

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I am so excited to start getting to know you!


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